UPDATED: Newspaper carrier says he won't give up job despite shooting

A newspaper carrier, shot on the job, tells 27 NEWSFIRST he doesn't plan to give up his job.

We spoke to Don Silvestri Tuesday morning, as he continues to recover at UK Hospital.

He tells us he doesn't know when the feeling will return to his arm or hand after being shot just inches from his heart. He also tells us he doesn't know who pulled the trigger or why.

Silvestri was shot in the neck in the Georgetown Street area, near Downtown Lexington, while delivering newspapers for the Herald-Leader early Monday morning.

He says it was the first day of his route, he'd been delivering for three years and from the customers we spoke with he was well liked and often accommodated his clients by getting to know how and where they like the paper delivered each morning.

Silvestri is optimistic he'll be released from the hospital as early as Wednesday. He says his arm, near where he was shot, is still numb, and he'll likely need a lot of rehab to get back to normal.

Dan Silvestri, Don's brother, says he's working the morning shift so he could put himself through school.

Don Silvestri tells us he's enrolled at National College, hoping to follow his ambition and get a broadcasting degree.

Dan Silvestri says his brother, Don, never met a stranger and had many fans along his paper route.

One customer says Don would carry a can of WD-40, just in case he came across a squeaky fence.

Don Silvestri says he was talking with his attackers just before being shot, just to say hello in case they would run into each other on a daily basis.

Don Silvestri says right now, he's just worried about missing a few days of work and the beginning of his college classes.

No arrests have been made in this case.

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