Police investigating string of car break-ins in neighborhood

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People in one Lexington neighborhood woke up this morning to discover they were the victims of a string of crimes.

Police are looking into several break-ins--one on Old Paris Pike and the others just down the street on Eastin Road.

A total of three cars were broken into, and now one SUV is stolen. Police believe the crimes in both locations are related, and now they're searching for whoever's responsible.

It started when a couple found a purse in their front yard on Old Paris Pike.

They called police and they discovered it belonged to a woman living just across the street. There, her car was broken into.

"Her neighbor told her her alarm was going off, but she slept through it and didn't hear her alarm and they stole the purse out of the car," says Scott Perrine with Lexington Police.

Just down Old Paris Pike on Eastin Road, two cars were broken into and one SUV, a 1999 silver Chevy Suburban, was stolen.

"I didn't really realize what had happened until I went outside and saw that my brother's window was broken and the suburban was gone. So that's when I realized something was very, very wrong," says Henry Martin, who lives in one of the targeted homes.

In addition to stealing the SUV, a purse, a GPS device and keys from the other vehicles were taken.

Police are hoping to track down the missing SUV.

"We're going to put that over the national crime computer and announce that stolen all over the United States and hopefully we'll recover it," Perrine says.

Police do not have a description of the suspect or suspects, but they do believe the multiple crimes are related.

If you have any information, contact Lexington Police.

The stolen vehicle--the 1999 model silver Chevy Suburban--has the license plate number 950 GXA.

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