Mayor receives petition from those against design of proposed pharmacy

A battle is brewing over the design of a new pharmacy in Downtown Lexington.

The CVS Pharmacy is being built at the corner of East Main and Vine Streets.

But an organization, called Progress Lex, served a petition to Mayor Jim Newberry Tuesday, demanding a better design for the project.

The petition, with 1,300 signatures on it, was delivered to the mayor's office.

Construction on the new CVS is ongoing.

Progress Lex says the proposed design will be better suited for the suburbs, not the gateway to Downtown Lexington.

The group hopes the mayor will ask CVS to redesign the store to something more appropriate for an urban location.

"It's important as people drive into downtown that the downtown announces itself as being an urban space," Dan Rowland, of Progress Lex, said. "The compilers of the downtown master plan thought so which is the reason they designate this intersection as being of critical importance."

Members of Progress Lex say they're not opposed to a downtown CVS all together.

The 1,300 signatures were collected electronically through Progress Lex website.

Mayor Jim Newberry responded to the petition Tuesday afternoon.

"We appreciate the concerns of these citizens and have already been working for almost a year with the developers to improve the design and will continue to do so." Mayor Newberry said. "I think we all want the same thing - the best design possible for our downtown. Generally, I am glad that the Council is finally beginning to address design guidelines. The Council had an opportunity to start work on design guidelines in 2008, when we began talking about Centrepointe, and failed to do so. I have already indicated that I am open to the idea. My support ultimately will depend upon the specific proposal."

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