Corbin residents see bear in neighborhood

This is a story about a thief.

“The first time we saw it, it actually grabbed a birthday cake out of a truck..and ran off into the woods with it,” said Corbin resident Rebecca Hughes.

But also a friendly creature.

“He walked up to 6 grown men,” said Hughes.

And a mess maker.

“It had come up to the porch and dug in the garbage,” said Karenda Vaughn.

All of this from a big black bear on Laurel Ridge Road in Corbin. Rebecca Hughes and her family only saw it from a their back yard and climbing up a tree.

But Karenda Vaughn had an up close and personal encounter with it. She and her family saw it on their front porch, digging through their garbage. It also climbed on the top of their car.

“We were scared. We didn’t let her (infant daughter) play outside until we knew. We still haven’t let her play outside since,” said Vaughn.

A bear was struck and killed on at the 23 mile marker on I-75 Monday morning in nearby Whitley County. It’s not known if it was the same bear.

Another resident said she thought she heard a bear in her yard Monday night. Hughes says she can always tell when it’s near..and it hasn’t shown up since the weekend.

“It’s actually afraid of my dog. It’s not afraid of 6 grown men standing there. But when it comes to my schnauzer, it’s terrified!” Hughes said.

Fish and Wildlife officials warn to never feed bears and usually food and garbage are all that they’re after.

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