70-year-old inmate escapes from hospital

The people who live in a Lexington apartment building knew something was wrong when a man came knocking on every door. But they didn't know how wrong until the police showed up.

70 year old David Groves was being held in the Fayette County Detention Center on charges of possessing a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

He had been taken to Samaritan Hospital after complaining about his health.

Police say while there he somehow got away from the two men guarding him.

That's when police began an all out search.

Groves stripped off his jail jumpsuit and went to this apartment in his boxers and a tshirt before one of the residents gave him some pants.

"He seemed like he was kinda distraught, disoriented, possibly dehydrated," said Wiley Bailey, who lives in the building.

Police quickly located the elderly escapee after someone living in the apartment flagged them down.

Once police took him into custody they had to call an ambulance to take him back to the hospital.

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