Good Question: What are the odds of being struck by lightning?

Its that time of year when pop up storms can happen daily.

Just last week a teenager in Western Kentucky was hit by lightning while playing with friends outside, he survived, but some are not so lucky.

Good Question: What are the odds of being struck by lightning?

When a storm rolls in you can count on two things, thunder and lightning.

It is one of mother nature's most fascinating sights, in fact there are 100 strikes per second around the Earth

As fascinating as it can be, it can also turn dangerous in an instant.

Just last week a 13 year old in Bowling Green was hit by lightning while standing under at tree, his friends rushed to save his life.

" When I first went out there I thought it was a joke, you know how little kids are. Then I realized it was a lot more serious than I thought." said Alec Gouvas.

While the teen survived, many people do not.

Each year the National Weather Service says there are nearly 60 deaths attributed to lightning strikes.

So what are the chances you could be hit, the odds-1 in 750,000.

In 2009 there were 34 deaths in 22 states.

Kentucky had one death last year.

There are many myths that surround lightning.

At the top of the list, lightning never strikes twice.

Think again it often hits the same spot repeatedly, in fact the Empire State Building is hit at least 25 times a year!

A US Park Ranger, Roy Sullivan holds the record for being hit by lightning.

He was hit seven different times and survived them all.

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