Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program up for $50,000 Pepsi Grant; Need help in contest

A local non-profit is up for a big reward from Pepsi...and you can help them get there!

Pepsi is giving away more than a million dollars a month to different non-profits across the country in the Pepsi Refresh Contest.

Right now the Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program is up for a $50,000 dollar grant and are competing against 400 other non-profits in their category.

They are hoping to use the money to hire a farmer, develop their crops, and grow food for shelter families.

"We're blessed to have the property and we need to find a way to develop that and incorporate the community into really helping the families heal and at the same time helping our non-profit to be self sustaining," says Darlene Thomas, the Executive-Director of the Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program.

Attached to this story is the link to allow you to vote for the Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program in this contest. You can vote daily and the contest lasts until the end of the month.

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