Newspaper carrier shot in the neck speaks out on recovery

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He says it was a harrowing experience, one that's left him with a new appreciation of life.

A popular newspaper carrier is out of the hospital this afternoon.

Don Silvestri says two teenagers shot him in the neck Monday morning while he was delivering the Herald-Leader in the Georgetown Road, Roosevelt Boulevard area.

He says he had never seen the man who shot him until moments earlier when he offered a friendly greeting along his paper route.

"I didn't feel anything, so I delivered the next paper, and it was like 3-2-1, a sensation over my body."

Silvestri says he's grateful for all the well wishes he's received as his story drew the attention of national media.

"I've had a world of people coming out to help me. It's just phenomenal."

In fact, Silvestri, who is putting himself through school hoping for a career in broadcasting, says the only thing that got him down this whole time was hearing from his school that he had missed his first day of classes and would have to sit out the semester.

"It broke my heart, but he called the top people in the world and called me right back and said I can make it up and start school again, so I'm the happiest camper in the world."

Silvestri says he likely won't go back to the specific route where he was shot.

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