Blood Center celebrates oldest active donor

The Kentucky Blood Center took time today to honor one of it's most frequent donors.

The 91-year-old start giving blood in the 1950's, since then Dennis Cravens has never stopped giving. The oldest active donor at the Kentucky Blood Center was surprised today when they gave him a birthday cake and card. In two days he'll turn 92.

"His dedication is remarkable, we think he's a great example for other blood donors," said Denise Fields of the KY Blood Center.

"It's great that he's done it this long. It's really rewarding, this'll make nine lives that I've saved," said 16-year-old Cheyenne Bumbraugh.

"My donating today may help someone live tomorrow," said Cravens.

Since he's bee donating blood here, Craven has given over nine gallons.

Anyone donating blood during the summer will be eligible to win a vacation package worth five thousand dollars.

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