Officers stepping up to help family of fallen officer

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More than a month after a Lexington police officer was killed in the line of duty, many in the community are still pitching in to help his family!

Officer Bryan Durman left behind a wife and young son when he died on April 29th.

His fellow officers, friends, and others are doing their part to keep his memory alive.

Captain Varinka Barbini is currently on military leave but is an officer with the Lexington Police Department who recently ran a marathon with other officers.

"Directly after that, unfortunately Officer Durman passed and after that happened it was kinda like, everyone wanted to bind together and a reason to run the 4th of July race in Lexington. Kinda a hometown event with maybe a hometown feeling behind it too," says Officer Barbini.

Now they, along with others in the community, are raising money and recruiting runners for this race.

"We're hoping to get enough to give a nice donation to the Durman family for whatever they want to do with it. His wife is gonna be out there running with us or walking to the finish line," says Officer Varinka Barbini.

That's not the only way the officers are stepping up to help. These bracelets are also being sold with Officer Durman's name on it to help benefit his family.

On the bracelets, purchased by the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association, are also the words "end of watch" along with the day Officer Durman passed away when he was hit outside his vehicle while responding to a noise complaint.

They are bracelets many officers and their families have purchased to remember Officer Durman that are now being sold to the community to help Officer Durman's family and to make sure he isn't forgotten.

You can buy the bracelets for $5.00 dollars at the Lexington Police Department.

If you're interested in the Fourth of July race you can meet with the runners every Saturday morning at 8:45 at the Crossfit Maximus gym on Bryant Road.

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