15 people arrested in early morning drug roundup

Kentucky State Police and the Frankfort Police Department executed 47 warrants on 33 people.

The initiative started in Franklin County in August 2009 and ended in March 2010. Undercover drug investigators conducted 47 undercover drug investigations.

State Police drug investigators were able to purchase cocaine, crack cocaine, ecstasy pills, prescription medicine and marijuana worth about $15,000.

Officers were able to arrest 15 of the 33 people they were looking for.

They arrested include:

Raymond Bowen, age 42 TICS 1st Cocaine x2)
Jeffery Hendren, age 34 (TICS 1st Percocet x2)
Michael Gardner, age 25 (TICS 1st Cocaine, Trafficking in a simulated substance)
Sarah Shelton, age 23 (TICS 1st Cocaine, Trafficking in a simulated substance)
Michael Cleveland, age 39 (TICS 1st Ecstasy x 2)
Dont'a Clay, age 21 (TICS 2nd Lortab, TICS 1st Cocaine)
Nora Beth Thurman, age 23 (TICS 1st Cocaine)
Joshua Sams, age 27 (TICS 1st Cocaine x2)
Jorian Jones, age 35 (TICS 1st Ecstasy, TICS 1st Morphine)
Eric Carter, age 24 (TICS 1st Cocaine x 2)
Laura Jeffries, age 46 (TICS 1st Methadone x2)
Richard Wethington Jr., age 24 (TICS 1st Cocaine x3)
James Spence, age 51 (TICS 1st Cocaine)
Terry Frymire Jr., age 32 (Trafficking in a simulated substance)
Jesse Traylor, age 20 (Trafficking in a simulated substance)

Kentucky State Police will continue looking for the other 18 wanted individuals.

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