Fears Of Total Ban On Outdoor Watering

Lexington city leaders say the water situation here is so bad, they fear a total ban on all outdoor watering in Lexington could come this week.

After a mandatory water restriction issued one week ago, all Lexington residents were told to cut back. Kentucky American Water officials say the community conserving has certainly helped.

KAW officials say they've gone from 56 plus million gallons last Tuesday to 47 million gallons of usage Monday. Now an all out ban is on the horizon. It's not just here in central Kentucky where the rain is so desperately needed, our friends to the east could help us all out with a long couple of daily downpours.

Officials say there's not much rain in the forecast and Kentucky River Water authorities say if in 2 weeks the levels at the river haven't changed; more aggressive action will have to be taken.

State Officials say precipitation for the past 30 days in much of Kentucky, is at nearly half the normal total.

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