KY National Guardsman Killed in Iraq

Shock waves continue to be felt in central Kentucky after a Lexington National Guardsman was killed in Iraq Sunday.

Staff Sergeant Delmar White leaves behind a wife and two children and the grief goes beyond family members, the feelings are also shared by former co-workers.

When White came to work at the Fayette County Jail, he traded one uniform for another. But the former marine who was part of operation desert storm always longed to get back into the military and so he joined the army guard.

As a corrections officer, White worked third shift at the Lexington jail for a couple of years. The serious unsmiling face of a soldier didn't always match what those who worked closely with him. Co-workers say White had a very off the wall sense of humor.

Aside from time with his family, White was probably happiest in the environment of his fellow guardsmen. He was with them in a land far away when his life ended.

27NEWSFIRST spoke with White's wife, Michelle, today. She says she's not prepared to face television cameras.

Funeral arrangement for Staff Sergeant White have not yet been announced.

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