Landslide isn't covered through homeowner's insurance

Last month's massive floods caused millions in damage to homes across the state.

While many are still trying to deal with their insurance agencies, David Best says he never even stood a chance at getting any money back. Now, he's on a mission to make sure everyone knows exactly what isn't covered in their policy.

Best thought everything would be okay after a landslide hit his home, last month. For days after the landslide, Best dealt with filing claims and dealing with adjusters. While adjusters didn't deny the house proved no match for the mountain, they did deny the claim, saying Best didn't have landslide insurance. Best has turned to FEMA, but he says assistance is capped at $29,000, not even making a dent in the value of his home.
He says he hopes his loss will teach others to look at their own policies.

Best is hoping to raise awareness through a website. A spokesperson for Kentucky Farm Bureau insurance says they do not comment on individual claims.

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