Services set for woman who died after giving birth to twins

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6/8 Update: Funeral services for Blankenship have now been set. Her visitation will be Tuesday night, beginning at 6:00pm. Funeral services for Blankenship will be held Wednesday afternoon at 1:00pm. Both are at the House-Rawlings Funeral Home in London.

Former co-workers of Blankenship, at St. Joseph Hospital in London, are organizing a fundraiser to help the family. They're collecting money through the hospital.

Karin Blankenship was living the busy life of a working mom and wife right up until the beginning of the weekend.

"She woke up Saturday with a terrible headache," said her husband, Butch Blankenship.

Karin was 32 weeks pregnant with twins and had two older boys at home. She also worked as a nurse at St. Joseph Hospital in London.

"She knew she was very sick but they just didn't know what," Blankenship said.

Karin suffered from a severe infection that got into her nervous system. The infection was so bad that doctors opted to deliver her twins and fly them and Karin to UK Hospital. Karin never got to see the babies, a boy and a girl. She died on Sunday.

Her husband Butch says he will count on the memories of his wife to sustain him and their four children.

"I can't think of any better of a person," he said. "If you could make the perfect person, that would be her."

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