Two hospitalized after bar brawl

Investigators are trying to figure out what led to a fight in a bar that landed two people in the hospital.

Lexington Police were called to the Beaumont Bar and Grill, on Lakecrest Circle, around 2:30 Tuesday morning. When officers arrived on the scene, they found at least one injured person.

Their investigation then led them to the nearby Hampton Inn.
That's where they found a man with injuries. He had apparently been involved in a fight at the bar and gone to the hotel after things calmed down. We're told the man was from out of town and had a room at the Hampton. He was taken to the hospital for treatment of a dislocated shoulder.

A woman on the scene was also taken to hospital. Police say she was extremely intoxicated.

At this point there's no word on what started the fight, or exactly how many people were involved.

Investigators were able to put a quick end to things before they got out of control.

At this point, no arrests have been made.

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