Push to charge teen who claimed she was attacked by friends

Corrine Schwab, Ashley Sams, and a 17-year-old girl were accused of kidnapping Cheyenne Williams and trying to push her off a cliff. Williams is openly gay and says the girls attacked her because of it.

Now , attorneys representing Schwab are filing a request asking for perjury charges to be brought against Williams. Schwab and the others say the whole situation was a planned prank - that Cheyenne Williams was in on it from the start. In court, a Jackson County judge reduced the three girl's charges to misdemeanors.

The Kentucky Equality Federation is still contending this was a hate crime. They say Williams is telling the truth about what happened and the threat of perjury charges are just a way to intimidate her.

Representatives for Williams say she is receiving hate mail and is unable to leave her home without being harassed. The Kentucky Equality Federation representatives also say they've passed information about this case on to the FBI.

Schwab and Sams have a court date on August 19 on the misdemeanor charges they now face in the case.

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