Neighbor's video helps catch thieves

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Folks in a Kentucky community had been on the lookout for people breaking into cars--twelve of them--and two were even stolen.

And little did they know a neighbor had set up a camera to catch the culprits--and catch them it did!

Now three people, including two juveniles, are facing charges.

The community can be a little more at ease after police were able to track down the people responsible for a string of car break-ins. What led police to the suspects, was a neighbor's own personal security camera!

After 12 car break-ins and two vehicles reported stolen in a few neighborhoods in May, Wilmore Police did not have any suspects, but that all changed.

"We received a call from an apartment complex, and they said that one of the residents had a video tape of the individuals breaking into the cars," says Wilmore Police Chief Steve Boven.

Police would not release the video, but they were able to identify the people--captured in the act of the crime.

One was 18-year-old Daniel Harris, and the other two were juveniles. For those living in the targeted areas, they say the crimes come as a surprise.

"Wilmore's the type of community where you can feel safe enough to leave your house open, or run down the street to the gas station," says Chad Allen, who lives in one of the neighborhoods where the crime happened.

But he says after learning of the break-ins and theft, he'll be more cautious.

"I think that'll make me be a little more vigilant from now on, and watch things a little bit closer," he says.

As for the watchful neighbor who helped track down the suspects -- "His video -- he sets it up all the time," Boven says.

Once identified, police took the three suspects into custody for questioning.

Police say 18-year-old Daniel Harris confessed to the crimes, and so did one of the juveniles. The third, also a juvenile, did not confess yet.

Police tell 27 NEWSFIRST that one of the three is still in custody, but the arrest warrants still need to be served.

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