Friend and co-workers of Laurel mother show support

They were to be a family of there’s just 5…but the absence of 30 year old Karen Blankenship isn’t just being felt at home.

Co-workers at London’s St. Joseph Hospital shared in the excitement that their friend was going to have twins. Now they share in the family’s grief.

“The hospital has to stay open, we have to take care of people, but we’re trying to be there for each other. Support each other in this time, because we were planning for two babies, not a death,” said nurse and friend Katie Grubb.

That support includes collections for Blankenship’s husband, Butch. A fund has been set up at Cumberland Valley Bank. And a memory book will one day be read by the twins who will now never be held by their mother.

“We’re passing it around to the departments. So that each employee can write down a memory, so that their dad can read it to the twins…they will now how special their mother was,” said Tonya Chestnut.

London's brand new St. Joseph Hospital will open in August, and when it does, nurses say they will have something there named in Blankenship's memory.

It could be a tribute to the not just the person she was..but to the professional she was at work.

“She took excellent care of her patients, she did an awesome job. We lost one of the best nurses that we had,” said nurse Alma Asher.

The good news is that her twins are improving. Both Aaron Clay and Piper Noel..born two months premature, are breathing on their own…and taking in more milk.

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