Chemical spill mock drill

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Emergency responders put their readiness to the test Wednesday. They set up a mock scenario at the Blue Grass Army Depot and Jacobson Park in Lexington to conduct their annual emergency preparedness exercise.
The sirens sounded at the Bluegrass Army Depot, signaling there has been a chemical spill.
In a matter of minutes... fire fighters, medical personnel, law enforcement, and the health dept rush to a staging center to get ready for residents evacuated from the affected area.
This is all apart of a drill to make sure all responders are ready for anything.
"Right now we've got 6 engine companies, 2 ladder companies, and some haz mat units that is basically the make up of Lexington's haz mat team and at this time we have approximately 40 people out here," explains Major Bryan Wood.
In this scenario, Richmond had a chemical spill and those evacuated were brought here to Jacobson park. They are treated for chemicals and even sent to the hospital.
"They will be stopping off at the park and we'll be deconing them, treating them, and triaging them. Do they need to go to the hospital, do they need emergency care, or do they need a shelter. We take care of all of that here," says Wood.
This entire drill is watched by federal officials who will give them a grade. Boy scout troop 111 volunteered to be victims treated at the triage center.
And this drill gives the responders a chance to make sure their equipment works and they can react as quickly as possible. A triage staging center such as the one at Jacobson Park can treat up to eight thousand people in the event of an emergency.