Slick roads blamed for church bus crash

Kentucky State Police say slick roads may have contributed to an accident involving a church bus and semi carrying coal.

The van was carrying a Georgia youth group along Highway 92 when it crashed.

Investigators say 7 on the bus were injured. The truck's driver wasn't hurt.

Locals say the road can be a tricky drive even for them, much less anyone unfamiliar with the area.

John Wainscott lives just down the road from the collision. He says the area is notorious for bad crashes, but first responders say they had their hands full with this one.

Witness Tim Vanover says, " It was a bad one, one of the worst ones we’ve had in awhile."

The youth group had spent the last two days at Whitley East Elementary School working with young students. They had planned to return the next day.

Patterson Creek Fire Chief Tim Vanover could see Youth Minister Terry Taphouse in the front of the van.

Tim Vanover says, "I reckon his knee was torn up pretty bad, his leg, and the steering wheel had come in on him and had him pinned, and the dash had his legs pinned, so they had a hard time rolling it back off of him."

Vanover says Taphouse was airlifted from the scene. Some of the other passengers with less significant injuries were taken to nearby hospitals, while those nearby could only hope for the best.

John Wainscott says, "Anytime any kind of tragedy like that hits a child, we’ll all be praying for them."

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