Parents in court following death of two year old

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A Bell County couple pleads not guilty today in court to second degree manslaughter charges in the death of their two year old.

Police say Kayla Mosley died back on March 6, from acute combined intoxication, after she swallowed prescription medication.

Her parents were arrested yesterday following toxicology results.

They are Rondall Mosley and Carrie Brummett.

Officials say Kayla had ingested anti-anxiety medicine and a drug used to treat people for drug-addiction.

According to police, the parent's statement's didn't match up to the evidence and that the girl was dead hours before an ambulance was called.

Police say they do not know how the little girl ingested the pills.

The parents are being held at the Bell County Detention Center on a one-million dollar cash bond each.

They'll be back in court later this month.

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