Family turns to psychic in their search for answers

The family of Herbert and Herbie Brewer have spent the last four years looking for answers.

They say they've never believed the fire that killed their loved ones was accidental.

And now, thanks to a psychic, they hope to find closure.

"We've known all along that they didn't die in that fire without somebody hurting them first," said Irene Ballinger who lost her brother and father in the fire.

In the four years since the fire, no arrests have been made. The family had begun to give up hope, until a friend of the family mentioned the case to psychic Robbie Thomas on a radio show.

"We were skeptical too, but we knew we didn't have anything to lose.
When I heard the interview and he hadn't even talked to us yet and he was saying things that only we knew," said Alene Spurlock.

Regardless of what answers Robbie Thomas gives them, the Brewers say they feel like they've made more progress in the past week than they have in the past four years.

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