Survivor of triple tragedy speaks out about crash and how to help

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Their son and two other family members were killed in a horrible crash on Thursday in Madison County. Now, one of the survivors and her husband are talking about what they are going through, and how there have been changes in how to help this family.

It's hard for Debra Griffith to get around right now. She's recovering from serious injuries after a crash on KY 52 that left her 9-year-old son, Eric Cox, dead.

"I just remember pulling out and that was it. I don't remember nothing. I don't even remember how I got to the hospital. I just remember wondering where my baby was and that was it," says Debra Griffith, who survived the crash.

Police say the car Eric and his family were riding in was broadsided by a truck. Shane Cox is Eric's father. Also killed in that crash were his mom, 56-year-old Wilma Cox, and brother-in-law 48-year-old Greg Hayes.

"There aren't too many families that have been through this," says Shane Cox.

A triple loss that has been devastating to this family. On top of that, they're having to try to pay for three funerals without life insurance.

"Over $20,000 for the three not counting the tombstones. My sister's husband in the accident left behind two twin girls who are three years old," says Shane Cox.

He says they are thankful for the donations that went to the bank.

"I do appreciate the community and everyone who reached out to us. I appreciate every bit of it," says Shane Cox.

However, all donations were recently sent back for problems with the way the fund was set up. Now, they're hoping, in this tough time, they will step back up to help again with a new fund.

In the meantime, they're sending a message to other families.

"People who have children...cherish every minute you got with them because you never know. You never know when something is gonna happen like this," says Debra Griffith and Shane Cox.

The family says as for the other family member involved in that fatal crash that survived, Elby Cox, he is out of the hospital and is recovering.

If you'd like to donate to the family, you can send your donations to the Lakes Funeral Home in McKee. The address is 228 US Highway 421 S McKee,Kentucky 40447. They ask you please specify who you are sending the donation for.

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