Officials Shut Down "Risky" Frankfort Parking Garage

Many who work in Downtown Frankfort are having to find a new place to park.
City officials have shut down a parking garage on St. Clair Street, saying it's too old, risky, and a danger to the public.
They say the garage is in similar shape to one in Lexington last year, where a pregnant woman died after a slab of concrete fell on her.
The garage on St. Clair Street is more than 30 years old. Officials say an inspection found significant structural problems, including barrier walls that don't meet codes. They even found problems caused by the weather.
In order to fix the problems, the city says it would cost nearly $2 million. Right now, they're looking at all of the best possible options. Long term solutions will be presented to the Frankfort Board of Commissioners for consideration in the coming months.
People who did park in the St. Clair Street garage have relocated to the Sullivan Square garage, about a two blocks away.

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