Police Searching For Bank Robbery Suspect

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Police are still looking for a suspect after a bizarre bank robbery attempt.

It happened at the Wooten Branch of the Hyden Citizen's Bank late Thursday afternoon.

The vehicle police believe the suspect left in was found a short time later in a church parking lot.

Police say the suspect, who is believed to be a white man, went to the home of a bank employee and forced her to drive her vehicle to the bank.

Police say the suspect made her go into the bank for money.

The employee sounded the alarm and the suspect left in her car.

Police say an alarm went off at the Hyden Citizen's Bank in Wooton around 4:30 Thursday afternoon. Little is known about the suspect, but police say he could be wearing camouflage clothes and is likely armed.

An armed robbery investigation in the small town of Wooton has everyone talking.

"People called me and asked me if they had heard if it happened and I come to the post office and it really happened," said Wooten resident Donald Joseph.

Police say the suspect is still on the run.

"In the preliminary investigation, it indicated that we had a male suspect that was in camouflage clothing and wearing a mask armed," said Tony Watts with the Kentucky State Police.

Police found the vehicle they believe the suspect left in, less than a mile from the bank at the Saw Branch Pentecostal Church. As soon as police found the getaway car, they began looking for clues.

Nobody was injured but police are telling everyone in the area to stay alert and be on the lookout for the suspect.

"The suspect is still at large and we want everyone to consider him armed and dangerous," Watts said.

Police wouldn't say if the suspect got away with any money.

If you have any information about the robbery, you should call state police or the Leslie County Sheriff's Department.

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