No Change In Water Restrictions

There's no change, but that's a good thing. The water advisory board met Thursday morning to talk about the ongoing water shortage in Fayette County, and for now, the water restrictions will not be getting any more strict.

Both the water company and the board praised customers for their cooperation during the drought and their compliance with restrictions.

"They've complied with that very well and we very much appreciate that," said Tim Bennett, the Commissioner of Public Safety. "That being said, we remain in Phase 3 of the plan which is the mandatory odd-even. There is no plan at the moment to move into Phase 4."

The Water Advisory Board does not put restrictions in place, but it does hear appeals. So far, only 4 appeals have been received asking for exemptions from the mandatory watering restrictions. One of those from Keeneland, which needs to to water every day in preparation for a race meet next month.

"I expect if we go into the next phase, and obviously we all hope we don't, that number will go up significantly," said Bennett.

The reason that's not necessary now is the fact that Kentucky River water levels rose quickly after valves were opened in two upstream dams on Tuesday.

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