Poolside accident scalps young mother

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The pool is where you go to relax. It's a place of refuge from the heat and stress of summer, but for Heather Kinney, a day at the pool with her three young children turned into a nightmare when she bent down to go through a tunnel and hit her head. "Something caught me, and it scalped me down to my skull, and it ripped the top of my head off," Kinney said.

The incident happened last week at the Southland Aquatic Center in Lexington.

The wound would require 26 staples and 17 stitches, and for people at the pool, the sight of blood everywhere proved traumatizing. "Everybody was screaming, and everybody started jumping out of the pool, and the lifeguard told everybody to get out of the pool," Kinney said.

As summer approaches, Heather's injury is a painful reminder of the dangers involved with just trying to stay cool. "The doctor thought it wasn't bad at first until she started cleaning it, and she lifted up my hair, and all the skin came up with it, and she was like, oh my gosh," Kinney said.

Heather warns others not to let a pleasant day distract them from being safe. "You're not thinking you're going to get hurt, but I did," Kinney said.

Heather tells us swelling from the wound has sent her back to the emergency room several times since her accident last week. She also says her three-year-old son doesn't want to go back to the pool any time soon.

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