Blown fuse at substation leaves thousands without power

Officials with Kentucky Utilities say nearly 5,000 customers lost power Tuesday morning around Harrodsburg Road in Lexington.

KU officials say a blown fuse in the Stonewall Subdivision Substation caused the outage.

Half of the customers who lost power had it back on by 8 a.m. Everyone else had it back on about half an hour later.

Lexington Police officers spent the morning rush hour directing traffic at numerous intersections on Harrodsburg Road, mostly outside of New Circle Road.

Firefighters were dispatched to rescue people stuck in elevators in buildings in Beaumont Centre.

Police used a new tool to help them ease traffic problems caused by the power outage.

Lexington Police now have special converter boxes they can hook up to their cruisers to provide power to traffic signals.

The department has about 10 converter boxes. They received them about four or five months ago.

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