Dessert Disaster: Ice cream truck gets stuck underneath bridge

It's a sweet treat on a summertime day, but a dessert disaster Tuesday morning had one ice cream truck driver leaving town on a sour note.

Marco Barilla was making a late night trek from Pennsylvania, relying on his GPS for directions.

"The GPS sent me here, to the wrong place," Barilla said.

"Here" was an underpass on Muir Station Road in Lexington. When Barilla drove straight under the underpass, the impact peeled the top of his trailer completely off.

"I didn't see it until it was too late," Barilla said.

The impact caused a full load of frozen treats to be exposed to the hot air.

This was Barilla's first time in Kentucky. He sat for hours waiting for police to find him. Being unfamiliar with the area, he couldn't give officers very accurate directions.

"I kept calling saying, 'I'm here!' They found me a couple of hours later," Barilla said.

Now, Barilla is waiting to see if he's able to drive the cab of his truck back home.

He's ready to leave after a very stressful, unexpected stop in the Bluegrass.

The entire load of ice cream had to be thrown out because of the accident.

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