Woman beaten to death was a teacher at one time

We're learning more about a woman who died after a brutal beating last week.

Police found Umi Southworth badly injured behind her home on Meadowthorpe Avenue last Wednesday, after her co-workers at Fazoli's corporate office reported her missing.

Before she worked at Fazoli's, Southworth was a teacher at Lexington Traditional Magnet School.

We're told Southworth worked at the school as a science teacher from 2006 to 2007.

Principal Clay Goode says it was Southworth's first teaching job, but he says she was a natural.

Goode says Southworth seemed at home in the classroom, teaching to eighth graders.

Before becoming a full time teacher, Goode says Southworth completed an intern program at the school.

Goode says the news of Southworth's death has been felt by the staff at his school. He says the well respected, kind, and caring former teacher will be missed.

Goode says he had offered her a contract extension to keep teaching at Lexington Traditional Magnet School, but says he chose to leave the school to spend more time on her daughter's music career.

Southworth's body was found by police in the bushes behind her apartment complex.

At first, police thought she was dead by the time they got there. But around five hours later, officials realized she was still alive, so she was taken to UK Hospital.

Southworth died Thursday.

Lexington Police are now conducting an internal investigation to see if officers acted appropriately.

Police say they are investigating Southworth's death as a homicide, but so far, no arrests have been made.

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