Counterfeit cash found at yard sales

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Police say counterfeiters in Richmond are taking advantage of the trusting nature of yard sales, by using counterfeit bills.

"Never dreamed that someone could do something like that," said Gretchen Tracy, as she sat in her living room with her newborn baby.

Tracy says she and her husband were just trying to sell some of their things for extra money, especially with the new addition to their family.

But during a recent yard sale, she says someone gave her husband fake cash.

"He sold them like a $5 tool, and he thought the money felt funny at the time and even compared it to another one," said Tracy, "but he got busy, didn't think about it and gave him the change and went on."

The sale at their home on Bruce Court was not the only one that the counterfeiter's hit.

Fake $20 bills showed up at at least 5 other sales during the neighborhood event. The suspects were purchasing low-priced items with the bills, and getting real money back in change.

Police went door to door, going through cash and finding all of the phony bills.

Authorities are still looking for the people responsible.

"Anybody else who has a yard sale need to be careful," Tracy said.

Police recommend that people who have yard sales examine bills closely before giving change, and may want to use a counterfeit detection pen.

Although this has been upsetting, Tracy says she's still going to sell - and shop for bargains.

"It makes me more weary but we still need an avenue to get rid of our stuff, and we enjoy going to yard sales too," said Tracy, "It won't stop us."

Richmond police say the suspects are described as a white male and a white female, both in their 30's, around 5 foot 10 inches tall. The man had a small goatee.

Anyone with information in the case is asked to contact Richmond Police at 859-623-1162 or 859-623-8911.

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