Man Pleads Guilty In Deadly Home Invasion

A man accused of murders in two Kentucky counties enters a plea deal in one of the cases against him.

Tony Hodge was charged in Madison County in connection with a deadly home invasion. Police say Hodge and another man killed Margaret Faye Jackson in the Big Hill Community in January of 2006.

Jackson's boyfriend was also shot and stabbed, but survived the attack.

On Friday in court, Hodge pleaded guilty to all the charges against him in Madison County. Prosecutors are recommending he serve life in prison for the murder and 60 years for the other charges. He would be eligible for parole in 20 years.

His formal sentencing will be held on October 3rd.

Hodge is also charged with murder in Laurel County where police say he killed a man and burned the body in a barrel. That victim has not been identified.

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