Woman says she was kidnapped and raped

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Lexington police say at the Corner Liquor Store, at Georgetown Road and Newtown Pike, a terrible series of events for one woman started Thursday night.

Sherelle Roberts of the Lexington Police says, "She had just left a convenience store at Georgetown and Newtown Pike."

From the store's parking lot, she claims she was forced into her own car. The man got into the drivers seat and deliberately drove around trying to disorient her, before ending up at a house she'd never seen before.

Roberts says, "Once she arrived at the house she was forced to have sex with suspect."

According to police, the man did not let her go. Instead the woman was able to seize an opportunity.

"While he was doing something else she was able to get away, get her keys and drive from the scene," says Roberts.

Eventually, according to police reports she was checked out at UK Hospital and filed a police report.

While she does not know the name of the man who kidnapped her, drove her somewhere and raped her.

She says he was a black man, 5'8", 140 pounds in his 40's and was wearing a blue shirt and brown shorts at the time of her abduction.

Police says they don't have any active sex assault cases matching the man's description, but are still investigating.

"Unfortunately with sex assaults, they happen all the time but are not reported because of how they happen, but this is not related to any crimes at this time," says Roberts.

No arrests have been made at this time.

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