Campus Safety Task Force Issues Report

After eight months, a committee formed to look into the safety on Kentucky's college and university campuses has finished its work.

The Governor's Task Force on Campus Safety has released its report with recommendations to improve campus safety.

The 15 member task force held public hearings around the state. It was chaired by Gail Minger whose son, Michael, died in a dorm fire back in 1998.

"We had the opportunity to look at the areas of concern that have emerged the past several years," said Minger. "The most important recommendation may be the formation of the proposed Center for Campus Safety. It would serve as a clearinghouse for information, to help with best practices and to assist all universities."

The task force made other recommendations such as looking into security at campus entry points and develop well-communicated contingency plans for events such as lockdowns and evacuations.

The complete report can be found on the Department of Public Protection's website.

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