Laurel County cemetery robbed of rose bushes

Generations of Tammy Johnson's family are buried in Snuffer Cemetery. She and her dad came to visit the graves Memorial Day Weekend and says a few days later, eight of their nine rose bushes were stolen.

"It's just saddened when you come and you see something that you've done for your loved ones that are already gone and you come and it's gone," says Johnson.

Her family isn't the only one finding missing memorabilia at graves. She says in the past figurines have been stolen, benches too, even a large bush.

"Why would somebody want to do this? Why would you want to do this?"

Johnson's father, Big John Bowling, came to Snuffer Cemetery, saw the rose bushes ripped up beside his loved one's graves, and was overwhelmed with emotion.

"If anyone has information concerning this I would appreciate it if they would call and let our local sheriff's department know," says Johnson.

The family plans to plant new roses Monday.

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