Baby left in hot car dies on anniversary of another child's death

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"It's not a day that goes past that we don't talk about April," said Sharlia Robinson.

For Sharlia and her husband Derek, June 20th is a date they'll never forget.

It was on that day last year, that they accidentally left their two year-old granddaughter in a hot car while dealing with a separate emergency at the time.

Little April Knight died.

And now a heartbreaking coincidence.

"Just hearing that and just reliving the whole thing," said Derek.

One year later to the day, another Lexington child has died from being left in a car amid sweltering temperatures.

Police responded to a house on Candlelight Way Saturday afternoon. Authorities say 5 month old Holland Judy was left in a hot car, and was rushed to the hospital. The baby died Sunday at UK Hospital. The coroner says the cause of death was hyperthermia.

"I reach out to that family," said Sharlia.

Neighbor's say the infant's mother, Andrea Cassell, is a single mom with three other children.

The coroner has ruled the baby's death as accidental.

Lexington's Crimes Against Children Unit is investigating the incident.

"Just call on the Lord," said Sharlia.

The grandparents say prayer has helped them through the past year.

"I still from time to time go and sit in that truck back there," said Derek, about the truck they left Knight in, "If I could change one thing about that day, I would've stayed in the truck a little longer."

The two were not charged in the incident, but say they live with the memories every day.

"Not only did we go through it last year but we're still going through it," said Derek.

Police are still investigating why Holland Judy was left in the car.

It is not known yet whether the mother will face charges.

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