Police charge woman in baseball bat weilding robbery

FLORENCE, KY - Florence police say a woman they arrested in a bizarre bat-wielding street robbery may be responsible for a string of similar crimes in three Northern Kentucky cities this summer, reports the Sunday edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Lora Kraft, 43, of Covington, is charged with first-degree robbery after investigators say she donned a black knit mask and blonde wig and attacked another woman with a baseball bat outside a Catawba Lane apartment complex shortly before 7 a.m., reports the Enquirer.

Florence Police Capt. Linny Cloyd said the circumstances of Friday's crime are similar to two others in Florence, as well as a pair of hold-ups in Newport and Covington recently.

Cloyd told the newspaper that In those cases the suspect also wore the same disguise and wielded a baseball bat. During the most recent hold-up, Cloyd said the victim was repeatedly struck with the bat, but managed to scare off her attacker.

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