Women robbed inside hotel room

Two women had a frightening stay inside their hotel room early Monday when they were robbed.

They tell Lexington Police a man threw a rock into their room window at the Extended Stay America hotel at around 6 a.m. on Tates Creek Road, then made his way inside.

"I just heard glass shatter and I took off running out of the room," victim Danielle Kathlina said.

The intruder didn't have a weapon, but he punched the one woman still in the room in the face. He then left with some of their belongings, including a puppy.

"(He) grabbed her purse and he grabbed my duffel bag," Kathlina said. "That's when I guess my dog jumped in the duffel bag."

Kathlina said she had only had the dog for a week and she was concerned it would be gone forever.

"I had just gotten her because my other one had passed away," Kathlina said. "She was a gift."

The robber ran away. He smashed a window next door to the victim's room first, but no one was staying in it.

Paramedics checked out the women. One complained of glass from the broken window that had gotten into her eye.

The dog later returned on its own.

Kathlina says the woman who was hit in the face used to live in Lexington, but left after she was hit and severely injured during a robbery at a gas station.

The suspect got away with about $2,500 during the robbery. No arrests have been made.

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