Burglars break into convenience store, elude police

Police are trying to find three men who gave them a frustrating time late Sunday night.

The men broke into the Foodland Market on Eureka Springs Drive in Lexington.

Police say it's not the first time burglars have hit the store. So, the store's owner had put up Plexiglass.

Once the thieves couldn't break through it, they then got in by breaking out the door, using a cinder block.

Police say two of the men stayed outside, serving as lookouts while the other man went inside for the goods.

The trio got away with cartons of cigarettes and other items.

Police thought they had tracked down one man, but he got away.

Officers also found cartons of cigarettes in the area and police dogs tracked one of the burglar's scents to Patchen Drive.

Police say the store's surveillance system caught video of the burglars.

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