Kentucky man given two life terms in prison for killing couple

JEFFERSON, Wis. (AP) - Aging Kentucky con man Edward W. Edwards received his second pair of life sentences in two weeks on Monday.
Before sentencing, 77-year-old Edwards sat handcuffed in his
wheelchair and made no comments to family members of the Wisconsin
couple he admitted to killing 30 years ago.
He also has confessed to killing a couple near Akron, Ohio, in
1977 and was sentenced to two life terms in that case 10 days ago.
In a jailhouse interview with The Associated Press last week,
Edwards said he had killed a fifth man - a 24-year-old he
considered to be his foster son in 1996.
Edwards showed no emotion and spent most of the brief 20-minute
sentencing with his head drooped, facing the ground.
Family members who packed the courtroom cried as relatives
talked about the pain and loss they have felt for three decades
since the murder of 19-year-old Wisconsin sweethearts Tim Hack and
Kelly Drew.
"You are a lying, evil murderer and God is saving a special
place in hell for you," said Drew's mother, Norma Walker.
Edwards agreed to a plea deal earlier this month in which he
admitted to both the Wisconsin murders and the killing of Judith
Straub, 18, of Sterling, Ohio, and Bill Lavaco, 21, of Doylestown,
Ohio. The four life sentences were agreed to as part of the plea
Edwards also did not speak to relatives of the victims at his
sentencing in Ohio.
In his AP interview last week, Edwards would only talk about
murdering a fifth person, Dannie Boy Edwards. He said he wanted to
confess to that killing so he could be sentenced to death for it in
He has not been charged in that death.
Edwards spent much of his life running from the law, landing on
the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list in 1961. In his 1972 autobiography,
"Metamorphosis of a Criminal," he wrote he spent the 1950s and
early 1960s drifting across the country, stealing cars, robbing
banks and gas stations and seducing women he met along the way.

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