Soldiers' Family Reacts To War Update

Kim Combs says she has an opinion about the war in Iraq. However, she's holding those thoughts back because she says her son and son-in-law are both living each day in harm's way.

“Whether we're there or not, as long as they boys are there we have to stand behind them,” Combs said.

On Monday, the general in charge said the war isn't over, and noted progress being made.

It's another day of news about the war, but today, like many other days, it's coverage Kim says she has a hard time watching. “Like there have been a couple of times we've heard things happen over there and you wait until you hear from them. It's gut wrenching,” says Combs.

General Petraeus said security is improving. There were 175 car bombs or suicide explosions in March compared to 90 last month.

But Kim Combs says while it may be safer, it’s certainly not safe for her son and son-in-law.

“Until they come home, you're always nervous. You're afraid that, you're always afraid of that phone call. You're always afraid of that knock at the door in the middle of the night,” she says.

She says they live with danger day in and day out, but they've also told her about the good times.

“I know my son-in-law went to a school; they gave out notebooks and pencils and kids were tickled. That's the thing they see, the little boys and girls.”

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