Coach Cal and WKYT crew journey to Haiti

It's been an emotional day for UK Coach John Calipari.

He spent Wednesday in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

Coach Cal went to Haiti to personally deliver gifts to an orphanage and to see first hand how the country is rebuilding.

Calipari arrived in Port-au-Prince late Wednesday morning.

He was helping support the efforts of the American Red Cross, as part of the Hoops for Haiti telethon he held at WKYT in January.

The telethon raised more than $1 million.

Calipari wanted to see first hand where the money is going with the Red Cross and what they are doing to help the people that are so devastated from the earthquake, which hit in January.

Calipari's first stop was to an orphanage where he and his group of travelers helped give away athletic shoes to young children.

That involved washing the feet of children, which was a sign of respect.

Later in the day, Calipari's group headed up a mountain where some of the camps are.

Coach Cal is scheduled to return back to Kentucky Wednesday evening.

WKYT's Sam Dick made the trip to Haiti with Calipari.

We'll have more on the trip beginning July 1 on WKYT.

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