FEMA officials meet with emergency workers to check on progress of flood recovery

Thousands of Kentuckians are still working to get back on their feet after recent flooding hit the area.

On Thursday, some of FEMA's top brass met with local emergency workers to get an update on the progress.

FEMA Deputy Administrator Richard Serino spent the morning listening to those who have been on the front lines, helping those in need after last month's flooding.

Together, they're trying to figure out how to best help those in need.

Thursday morning's discussion gave workers a chance to share what's worked and what hasn't during emergency relief efforts.

One big topic was communication, whether it to be non-English speaking community members, or between agencies.

"In order for agencies to give the very best service it takes an awful lot of communication to do it right," Major Debra Ashcraft of The Salvation Army said.

"We're unable to do what we do without the volunteers," Serino said. "They're the ones out there working to make a difference and we want to do everything we can to support them the best way we can."

Those who participated in Thursday morning's meeting say it was an invaluable experience not only to exchange ideas, but also to plan for the future.

The goal, next time disaster strikes, is they'll be even more prepared to help.

FEMA is currently providing assistance in 62 Kentucky counties.

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