Man arrested after fire destroys church

An arson investigation is underway, after fire officials say a church was gutted in Carter County.

The pastor of the church, Kenneth Layne, says they will rebuild the church.

Layne took over as pastor only three weeks ago, and says even though there is no church right now he still plans on holding service.

Fire investigators say they found what appears to be an accelerant which would indicate arson.

Shortly after putting the fire out police got a tip that two guitars from the church were in 32 year old Jeremy Perry's possession, he was arrested and charged with one count of receiving stolen property.

The fire broke out around 3 Thursday morning at the Rose Ridge Apostolic Church in Olive Hill.

Perry is considered a suspect in the arson and the burglary, but he's not been charged with either at this point.

The pastor says even if someone is arrested for the arson, after serving the appropriate jail time, they'd be welcomed into his Church.

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