Man recovering after losing arm in wreck

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Morris Miller says he has already returned to work.

"I'm not getting much done but I'm trying," he says.

Miller's left arm was severed when he crashed his truck into a barbed wire fence along Owens Branch Road earlier this month.

Miraculously, Miller was able to drive himself to a nearby country store after the wreck so that he could get some help.

"I was so weak at that point that I couldn't even hold my head up," he said, "I just laid my other arm on the horn."

People at the store put a tourniquet on Miller's severed arm while medical crews went back to the scene to recover the portion that had come off. Miller was airlifted to the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville but doctors there were not able to re-attach the arm.

Miller says it's not easy living with one arm but he's happy he didn't lose his life. He says he has a wonderful support system that is helping him get through his recovery.

"I have so many friends and family I can't even county them and I thank God for that," he said.

Miller says he will be fitted for a prosthetic arm in about six months.

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