Help still needed in quake ravaged Haiti

It's been five months since a powerful earthquake devastated Haiti and the country still has a long way to go in its recovery.One Kentucky man spends most of the year in Haiti as director of a school. He says there's still a lot people here can do to help earthquake victims.

The students and staff of the Quisqueya Christian School in Haiti were directly impacted by the earthquake.

The school didn't suffer any damage but one student who was at home was killed. Six parents also died. The school serves the children of missionaries, businessmen and diplomats. But after the quake they took on a new role as a relief center.

Hersey says the aid and attention the people of Haiti received immediately following the earthquake was amazing. But in the months since the quake, both of those things have decreased, the need for them hasn't.

Disease spreads easily in the tent cities that house thousands. Hersey says the smaller relief organizations seem to be best equipped to help.

We treated over fifty thousand people in four months. We did this with under two hundred thousand dollars. These were people that had lost everything but they have hope in the middle of a horrific situation.

To help the the Quisqueya relief fund you can visit

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