Woman Missing in Somerset

Ryan Peters says he last saw his wife on September 1st. They'd had a disagreement and she left their Maple Street home, but he says Rebecca has bipolar disorder, and she's left for several days before. But he says the last time anyone saw her was more than a week ago.

“She never came home for her social security check, never came back for her clothes, kids’ pictures, never phoned. I knew then something was definitely wrong,” says Peters.

He fears she may have attempted hitchhiking to family in Manchester but he says she never arrived. A friend told him Rebecca was seen at some Columbia Street apartments, but since September 3rd, no one has seen her.

Police haven't ruled this an act of foul play, but they haven't ruled it out either.

“There's been some marital issues that she may be just trying to take a breather from. Everything from that to the worst case scenario,” says Somerset Det. Shannon Smith.

Police entered Rebecca Peters into the National Crime Information Center.

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