Corbin Store Employees Forced Into Restroom During Robbery

On the corner of Dempsey Lane and the Cumberland Falls Parkway it was close to closing time Tuesday night at Advance Auto Parts.

Employees inside probably thought it would be a routine end of shift. Instead, they found themselves looking down the barrel of guns.

“From talking to the employees, they were in a state of shock, they were scared, they stated the men pointed the guns at them, (the guns were) very close to them, were very demanding,” said Corbin Police Capt. Tim Helton.

Police say the employees were taken to a restroom and forced in. They couldn't get out, but luckily one of them had a cell phone.

“They (the alleged robbers) put some stuff in front of the door to keep it from being opened, (and later the) police department received a 911 call from one of the employees that was able to obtain a telephone,” said Helton.

With the employees locked up, police say the men took cash from the registers and left. Police arrived and rescued the workers and now they're looking for two young men of average height and build, both with blonde or brown hair.

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