Number of people nearly homeless in Kentucky way up

New information released Wednesday shows the number of people precariously housed outside Kentucky's two biggest cities has jumped 31%. Precariously housed means they were doubled- or- tripled-up with family or friends, lived in substandard housing conditions, or were expecting eviction within seven days. The number of people living in those conditions outside Jefferson and Fayette counties in 2010 was 9,833. Neither county counts people precariously housed inside the county.

That information was part of the Kentucky Interagency Council on Homelessness (KICH) 2010 Point-In-Time Count released on Wednesday. During the 2010 count, which took place on January 28, 6,623 homeless individuals were identified. The 2009 count located 5,999 homeless individuals, although a major ice and snow storm that hit the state around the same time of the count altered plans and prohibited efforts for that count.

Additional Results from the 2010 Point-In-Time Count
• 1,460 homeless respondents were severely mentally ill.
• 2,032 homeless respondents were chronic substance abusers.
• 1,071 homeless respondents were victims of domestic violence.
• 564 homeless respondents were veterans.
• 15 percent of homeless individuals were completely without shelter across the state on the day of the count.

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